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About Us


The Vital Health Zone web site was created as a means to offer valuable information about health, food, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and how to incorporate healthy living for anyone anywhere in the world. This site has both metric and imperial measurements to cater for everyone who visits.

Zaklina researches and validates for authenticity all the information on this site from various medical and nutrition textbooks and latest research information from all around the world. You know you can rely on the information you see on this site. This site is self-funded by Zaklina - there are no external sources of funds.

This site aims to provide reliable health and nutrition information for everyone, both from a conventional medical point of view and also an alternative / complementary point of view. There is no other site in Australia that provides this kind of information to the general public for free.


The web site contains a variety of useful tools and information, such as:

  • summary of the most popular diets today
  • general diet guidelines - what to eat and what not to eat
  • how to incorporate more exercise
  • useful information about vitamins - including recommended daily intake (RDI) for each vitamin
  • useful information about minerals - including RDI for each mineral
  • useful information about amino acids - including RDI for each amino acid
  • useful information about a range of other vital nutrients
  • latest nutrition information, from a wide variety of reliable and trustworthy sources
  • latest health news, from a wide variety of reliable and trustworthy sources
  • nutritional values of common foods
  • an explanation of all the food groups, including the amount of each food group that is required each day
  • how to read the food labels that list all the nutritional information in foods you buy
  • full explanation of many health conditions - with treatment from both a conventional medical stance and also from an alternative / complementary stance
  • a glossary, which is more than a glossary as it has a comprehensive information on many health and nutrition topics
  • various health and fitness calculators, which will help you calculate your fitness levels and weight loss goals

Vital Health Zone also has a number of experts to answer your questions for free:

Look out for new features in 2012. We have lots in store for you.