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Birth Control
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Most men during their reproductive years will use some form of birth control contraceptive device or rely on their partner for it, or a combination of both.

Men are in the position of being able to fertilise an egg with their sperm at any age of their life, as long as they still have enough sperm and are fertile, so birth control is necessary to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Another main reason that birth control (contraception) is necessary is to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmissible infections.

It is advisable to always wear a condom with a new partner, no matter what other type of birth control is also being used (by the partner). This is to ensure that HIV an from person to person.d other sexually transmissible infections will not be spread

This part of the site looks at every aspect of men's birth control.



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Last reviewed: 20 January 2007 || Last updated: 8 October 2007


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