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Australian men have a high incidence of heart disease - it is the number one killer of men in Australia (and in other countries such as the USA). There are many strategies that could be undertaken to lessen the risk of developing heart disease.

The heart is part of the vascular system which needs to continuously pump blood around the body all through life. The vascular system consists of the blood vessels that communicate with the heart - arteries and the veins (including the tiny capillaries - the smallest blood vessels of all).

The heart receives the nutrient and oxygen-rich blood from the lungs which it sends to all the tissues and cells in the body through the arteries. The heart also receives the oxygen-poor blood and other wastes through the veins and sends them to the lungs to be recycled.

When the heart works well, it is an amazing organ, but when it does not, it can cause many health problems, including death, if not diagnosed in time.

This part of the site looks at every aspect of men's heart health.



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Last reviewed: 20 January 2007 || Last updated: 8 October 2007


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