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De-Stress with Ease
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by Gini Grey




Introduction to stress and stressful situations

When stressful situations occur we often go into over reactive mode, which in the end often creates more stress. Yet when we approach life's ups and downs from a state of ease, stress melts away. Discover how to bring more ease into your life.

What happens when you encounter a stressful situation - that huge traffic jam when you're already late for an appointment, the backlog of work piling up on your desk, the supplier or co-worker who throws a wrench in the works, the irritating relative who knows just what button to push to inflame your insides - what do you do? Do you go into stress mode; tightening your body, restricting your breath, racing your thoughts around in a gerbil wheel, collapsing into overwhelm? And does this work for you? Do you actually get there faster, become more productive, find a solution, or rise above the pettiness?

When stressful situations occur around us, it's easy to match that with a stressful reaction, yet we are free to respond in any way we want. It's natural to have an instant reaction of anger, frustration, disappointment or concern, but then to carry it with us any further only makes matters worse. So why do we do it? Because it's what we know, what we’ve learned and what we're used to doing.


Operating from a state of ease

Responding with a calm, relaxed manner might seem as though we're not taking the situation seriously or might feel like we're giving up and caving in. But in reality, operating from a state of ease brings clarity, opens up our view to additional possibilities, and keeps our energy flowing through our bodies so we can accomplish more and not be exhausted at the end of the day.

Ease is a state of being, a way of living life. Instead of resisting, it's accepting. Instead of forcing it's allowing. Instead of struggling, it's flowing. At any moment of time, in any situation, we can simply choose ease instead of stress.


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Reflections to gain insight

Reflect on these questions to gain insights into your states of stress and ease:



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Inspiring ideas to reduce stress

Try these inspiring ideas to create more ease in your life:


Author bio

Gini Grey - Spiritual Awareness and Personal Transformation ExpertGini Grey is a Transformational Coach and teacher, utilizing a powerful blend of coaching, counseling and spiritual energy tools. For more information visit her website at Celebrate YourSelf or for transformational articles visit Insights & Inspiration.

Gini Grey is an expert on the Vital Health Zone web site, so you can ask Gini a question about your own spiritual awareness or personal transformation for free.

Gini Grey - From Chaos to Calm (Book to purchase)Gini Grey - From Chaos to Calm (Book to purchase)

Gini Grey's writings include the book: “From Chaos to Calm” (which can be purchased from the link on the left) and the CD: “Create What You want In Your life”.

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  Last reviewed: 12 August 2009 || Last updated: 12 February 2010


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