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Coughs and Colds
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Coughs, the flu and the common cold are very common respiratory ailments that affect almost all women at some stage in their life, with many women experiencing these respiratory conditions quite regularly.

Winter and early spring are the times that the viruses that cause the upper (and lower) respiratory infections are prevalent and doctor's surgeries are filled with patients with the flu (or the common cold), of which coughing is one of the symptoms.

Coughs from the common cold or the flu, while troublesome, are generally not serious in most cases. However, some women who have underlying health problems may experience complications when they get the flu or a cold and this can become very serious and life-threatening in some way.

Below are some of the respiratory conditions that can affect women and treatment options, both conventional and alternative.

This part of the site looks at every aspect of respiratory illness.



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Last reviewed: 20 January 2007 || Last updated: 30 September 2007


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