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Causes of Alzheimer's Disease
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Causes of Alzheimer's disease

Currently there is no answer for the cause of Alzheimer's disease, but there are a number of theories which have been proposed (but have not yet been proven):

Family history / genetics

There is some strong evidence that within certain families, there is a definite connection between developing Alzheimer's disease and family history of the condition. Other research shows that people who have family members with Alzheimer's disease have a greater risk for developing this condition than people without any family members who have this condition. Research in this area continues to search for the definite link between heredity and this condition in order to understand how Alzheimer's disease develops in certain people and not in other people (even in the same family).

Environmental factors

There are a number of theories about the different types of environmental factors that could cause Alzheimer's disease, but there is no consensus about any of these theories.

Some of the theories proposed about environmental factors are:


Other internal factors

Some research suggests that there could be a number of other, yet unknown factors which could cause Alzheimer's disease. Some of the theories proposed in this area are:


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