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Atkins Diet
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Why is the Atkins

This diet is based on a premise that eating less carbohydrates, more protein and more ("good quality") fats will lead to weight loss.

Severely restricting the carbohydrates in the diet will lead the body to burn the excess fat and thus will instigate weight loss.

The Atkins diet has three phases:

The diet has a two week "induction" period in which carbohydrates are almost completely removed from the diet (only 20 grams of carbohydrates are permitted). This is to initiate major fat burning by making the body burn the excess fat.

There is also on "ongoing weight loss phase", where dieters can add more carbohydrates into their diet, but are still losing weight.

The last two phases in the diet are the "pre-maintenance" and "life-time" maintenance phases.


Benefits of the Atkins diet

The views in favour of the diet claim that:


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Why the Atkins diet works

The Atkins diet works, especially in the first few weeks due to its carbohydrate limit, as it forces the body to burn excess fat, thereby initiating weight loss.


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Is the Atkins diet good for you

There are divided opinions on the benefits of the Atkins diet. The views in favour of the diet claim that:

The views against the diet claim that:


Cautions for the Atkins diet

There have been several studies on the Atkins which have shown that the following adverse effects can occur:

To try this diet, speak to your medical practitioner or dietician.


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More information

To learn more, go to the official Atkins diet web site.


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Last reviewed: 27 December 2007 || Last updated: 15 June 2011


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