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Glycemic Index Diet
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What is the Glycemic Index diet

The premise of the Low Glycemic Index diet is that low GI foods break down into glucose more slowly, therefore maintaining blood sugar levels at a constant rate (instead of having them spike up and down erratically), which sustains energy levels and allows a person to feel fuller for longer.

This diet is aimed at being a lifestyle choice, to ensure normal weight is maintained as well as good health, all through life.


Benefits of the Glycemic Index


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Why the Glycemic Index diet works

The Glycemic Index diet was specifically formulated to help people to either lose weight and/or eat more healthier foods, that have a lower glycemic load on blood insulin levels.

The Glycemic Index diet includes:


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Is the Glycemic Index diet good for you

There has been some division on the opinion of the glycemic index diet. The views in favour of the diet claim that:

The views against the diet claim that:


Cautions for the Glycemic Index diet

To try this diet, speak to your medical practitioner or dietician.


More information

To learn more, go to the official Glycemic Index diet web site.


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Last reviewed: 27 December 2007 || Last updated: 15 June 2011


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