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Q: After a breif bout of unhealthy undereating I am now a normal weight. However, 6-12 months ago when I was eating less than normal I lost quite a bit of hair. I had thin hair as a child, but my hair hasn't seemed to grow back very well at all. My hair has remained very thin and, in patches of my scalp, there is little there at all.

What methods, foods or other suggestions would you have to grow healthier, thicker hair?



Peanuts in their shell naturalA: Thank you for the email. Try utilising a herbal based shampoo with thyme, rosemary and camomile (all common kitchen herbs used) to enhance hair growth and ease hair loss. If that is unavailable, prepare an infusion of these herbs to rinse your hair with after washing your hair with a natural based or simple shampoo. Do avoid shampoos and conditioners with too high artificial expedients. As these may irritate the scalp.

To promote hair growth we need adequate amino acid intakes (our hair is mainly protein) to build protein structures. There are specific amino acids linked to the hair, such as lysine and cysteine. These are often incorporated in hair, skin and nail targeted nutritional supplements.

Zinc is a key essential mineral for cartilage strength and skin quality, among other nutrients such as vitamin A for the skin. A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair quality.

If you have used hair dyes, with artificial ingredients this may also be a factor in hair loss.

Your inadequate diet in the past is a factor yet even though you may have a healthy weight now do ensure that you are eating mostly wholegrain based foods as these are higher in delivering nutrients. Nutrients are our building blocks, we (our physical body) are made from the substance of the food we eat. Eat nuts, whole grain cereals, vegetables, even certain edible seaweeds are high in minerals and common in some cultures, lean meats, moderate dairy product intakes, beans, fruits and many other seeds and legumes. Basically consume whole foods with ample variety and enjoy each food within moderation is beneficial generally.

It will be worth taking any high quality (by a reputable manufacturer) supplement targeted for hair, skin and nails.

It might also be worth allowing the natural oils of your scalp nourish your hair roots. To do this wash the hair every second day or third day depending on degree of oiliness.

The hair is linked to the kidneys, drink ample fluids (namely purified water) to support the kidneys in their elimination of wastes. Also, stress can be a major factor in hair loss or colour. There have been cases, I know of one personally, of a traumatic event leaving a person completely grey at a young age. Genetics play a role but through a healthy lifestyle we may try offset weaknesses and predispositions.

Our lifestyle incorporates exposure to cleaning products, toxic exposure (heavy metal poisoning has been linked to hair loss, which leads to mineral imbalance), diet and other factors.

To eliminate the possible causes permits a focused treatment to hopefully ease the problem naturally, yet a medical history with a personal consultation is needed.

Generally try avoid poor nutrition foods (refined and highly processed) and aim to eat a whole food diet with a suitable nutritional targeted supplement and care of hair products.

Do email should you have any other enquiries any time.

Please note that the information provided is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Consult with your medical physician regarding appropriateness of using supplements in your healing process.


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