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Q: Unfortunately I haven't got enough milk of my own to exclusively breast feed my newborn baby. I am trying to find the best organic formula milk to complement. I don't believe in giving dairy products to children. Is goat's milk better? I'm also eager to know your opinion on this.

Additionally, what would you recommend to make sure my baby gets all the nutrients she needs (vitamins, probiotics, fish oil?)



Peanuts in their shell naturalA: Thank you for the email. Indeed there is a well formulated goat's based infant milk formula called Nanny Goat from New Zealand. That product complies with nutritional standards. Do know that slight nutritional guidelines differ from country to country and we try relying on international standards for ease of reference.

It may be a suggestion to try soya based nutritionally fortified infant formula yet there is still contention on the phytoestrogen content causing hormonal imbalance in young ones. I recommend you use the Nanny goat formula as it is internationally recognised. That way you need not worry about additional supplements.

A guideline is to not introduce any other foods until 6 months, least not solids. This is due to the babies digestive system being unable to handle foods and immature digestion can lead to allergy development in later years. This may appear as asthma, eczema or chronic sinus related mucous problems.

There are WHO (world health organisation) guidelines on the exact level of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids an infant needs. Obviously it gets tiresome measuring individual supplements and adding them to any diet hence pre-made infant formulas save us time and perhaps errors. There are special infant nutritional supplements to use if you feel your little one may benefit from additional intakes. These if taken at recommended dosages will not lead to excess, which may cause imbalances and promote ill health. Note pharmacies carry safe infant supplements as may health shops. It is always worth sourcing a reputable company supplier though in the manufacture. Countries tend to stock different products but reputable supplement suppliers tend to be well known locally and meet government or other nationally registered health authority set standards of reliability.

Do email should you have any other enquiries any time.

Please note that the information provided is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Consult with your medical physician regarding appropriateness of using supplements in your healing process.


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