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Q: I cook potatoes in the microwave to a point where they are as hard as a rock but still good to eat.

My question is: the potato is 100 grams when it is raw but only 18 grams when it is finished cooking. Does the cooked potato still contain the same amount of calories and nutrients as it did when it was raw a few minutes ago?


Raw potatoesA: Potatoes weigh less from microwave cooking mainly due to water loss. You may notice steam afterwards, that is liquid evaporation. The calories and nutrients are probably the same afterwards. However with cooking there is always some alteration to bioavailability. A raw potato has less easily digested carbohydrates and will not have a high glycaemic index whereas a baked potato will and this causes the blood sugar to rise quickly. We need to heat some foods in order to soften the fibrous cellular structures to permit release of nutrients.

Generally over cooking vegetables is not beneficial and destroys much of its freshness. Severe health fanatics may even recommend not using a microwave due to the microwave rays. As we have less time to prepare foods though, the microwave does have a role of sorts and you need not worry about loss of nutrients too much. Indeed a cooked potato may contribute more easily digested carbohydrates and in this way perhaps serve us more for energy contributions as opposed to the raw potato. Also there is great loss of water-soluble vitamins and minerals in boiling foods but microwaves, steaming and baking are far more effective in conserving retention of nutrients within the food. Generally know you mainly have a lower weighing potato after microwaving but no significant calorie or nutrient loss that has been measured.

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