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Gina Jackson - Fitness Trainer
Vital Health Zone is proud to announce Gina Jackson, who is our resident exercise and fitness expert and who is available to answer all your questions about exercising and fitness. Gina has a private practice and is available for consultation.

Gina answers all your exercise and fitness questions below:

Q: I am a 29 year old woman, who is 100 pounds. I work out 5-6 days a week - cardio (which I mix up with a variety of activities) and I also include weights. My legs are trimming better as I'm curvy but have a very skinny upper body.

For some reason my stomach looks bloated all the time even though I work out and my diet is fairly good. I am a very petite woman and I have never had a problem with my abs before.

My stomach is flat in the morning but the moment I eat, it gets bloated - even if I try to avoid foods that may cause bloating. I also eat small portions often and have lots of water and green tea. I do all sorts of lower ab workouts a few times a week although I don't do more then 5-10 minutes of it as it hurts after doing it.

What am I doing wrong?


A: It sounds like you could have a medical problem with your digestive system that could be causing the bloating. If you are working out on your stomach doing abdominal exercises and it hurts in this area, it is most likely due to a medical condition affecting your gastrointestinal system. This seems especially the case, given that as soon as you eat, you get bloated. Talk to your doctor. It could be something simple that is easy to resolve.

Your exercise routine sounds just about right for you.


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