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Recommended calorie intake calculator

The recommended calorie intake calculator is used to derive the average calorie intake for men and women given a few parameters, such as their age, height and weight. This calculator will also produce the recommended calorie intake for various levels of activity:

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Resting Calorie Requirements
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Calories required
Activity level


(Not Very Active)

Sitting or standing most of the day and rarely getting any physical activity; Occupations such as - driver, computer worker, office worker (also includes ironing & cooking)


Exercising/walking 3-5 times/week at a slow pace of 4-4.8 kmph (2.5-3 mph) for less than 30 minutes per session. Includes activities such as - golf, child care workers, mechanics, electrical trades


Exercising/walking 5.5-6.5 kmph (3.5-4 mph) for one hour 3-5 times per week; Includes activities such as - heavy housework, carrying a heavy load, cycling, tennis, dancing


Exercising vigorously 3-5 times per week for 1.5 hours each time; Includes activities such as - heavy manual labor (construction work, digging), climbing, professional sports

This calculator shows an estimate of the recommended calories that need to be taken in each day to maintain current weight for an individual.

An estimated way to gain / lose weight

A weight loss/gain calculator will be added to this site soon.

Weight loss of more than 2kg per week is not recommended.


To achieve a more balanced and healthy approach to weight loss, consider increasing physical activity by at least 30 minutes each day and eat a wholesome healthy diet. This will ensure your metabolism increases by increasing lean muscle tissues (from increased exercise) and you will continue to burn fat even after you have finished exercising.

If you have any questions regarding your weight and calorie intake, you should see a registered dietitian who can advise you on your specific calorie requirements and weight loss goals.

Use the other health tools to help you exercise more efficiently and lose more weight in a healthier way.

Enjoy better health!