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Q: I want to take both California Poppy Extract and Saffron Satiereal Extract together. Are there any negative side effects to either alone or when taken together? Thank you for taking the time to answer as I'm kind of sensitive to some things.


Man lifting free weight, barbell, showing musclesA: Thank you for the email.

With any natural supplement generally they are safe yet a minor amount of the population can experience side effects. Sometimes someone may be allergic to an active ingredient and no one will know unless the user has had a past experience of that side effect. It would be safe to say that by all means trying a low dose initially will allow you to feel any possible effect and increase gradually. This is sometimes precisely relevant for herbal remedies.

There have been studies on various weight loss aids, even the ones you mentioned. It takes more than a few studies though to validate the effectiveness. Ideally we would prefer a long history of the supplement being used with a fortified scientific backing and reputable large scale clinical studies to back up the validation of the claims. This is not the case always. With the two supplements you mention, the effect may be minor.

The result of dietary regulation and a compatible exercise regime to fit into your lifestyle would be far more powerful. It's a simple case of calorie intake must be slightly lower than calorie burning daily; to cause weight loss. I do not know your present situation and dietary history.

A nutritionist/dietician can design a diet that you are comfortable with to effect your weight loss.

Supplements and many weight loss programs give quick results or minor results as each of us unique. Yet long term we gain the weight again. Success in any long term and life term weight management is following a lifestyle that is healthy (watch food quality) and that fits in with what you desire.

If at anytime you need further support do email or if you request assistance in weight loss do email.

As I stated in a previous paragraph, no one can guarantee you will not experience a side effect unless you have tried it or have a reaction to a known ingredient that is in that supplement.

I would advise that you do not use a crutch in weight loss but rather work on the cause of your weight issue and then feel more confident in your power to maintain your weight management.

Please note that the information provided is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Consult with your medical physician regarding appropriateness of using supplements in your healing process.


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