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Q: My mother tells a story about fresh garlic and I am trying to see whether it is true or a myth.

She says that fresh garlic if mixed with oil can become toxic if it is left to sit like that for several days. To avoid this toxicity, she tell me to use powdered garlic as opposed to fresh garlic when making salad dressing that I intend to keep in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

Do you have any information on this?


Fresh garlic bulbsA: As far as I'm aware garlic is perfectly fine in an oil or vinegar form. In fact it is used medicinally in those forms.

Garlic (whole form) has proven anti-bacterial properties that permit it to be able to be stored without added preservatives. Powdered forms are another story, as it can be inclined to be possibly slightly rancid. The best way to store your garlic and for its most effective intakes, keep it in fresh form (unpeeled) in the fridge within a sealed glass jar and just detach a clove and peel it when needed for meals.

Hope this clears up your perception on our healthy garlic.

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