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Q: Can you tell me how soon after overeating will the average person gain kilograms (or ounces) in weight on their body? Is it a day, two days, or longer?


Cheesecakes from the Cheesecake ShopA: How soon one may gain weight after over eating has various dependable issues.

If one over ate fruit or vegetables, the scale will show a weight gain immediately but that is mainly fluid which will be excreted via urine in several hours generally.

The effect of more dense foods is not an equal measure as digestion requires energy output.

We know that science states presently that 1 gram of fat is giving 9 calories and if not used by the body then stored as fat. The fat adds weight. Yet how soon is once again an individual matter. Let's say someone may be recovering from illness or under stress (this increases nutritional needs) then the intake of a certain amount of food will be quickly used and little may be left for storing and thereby a more gradual weight gain is a result. However the same certain amount of food in another inactive person may increase weight immediately after digestion. The more one is inactive the quicker the weight gain.

The food may weigh 500 grams or so many ounces but that does not result in 500 grams increase in body weight as soon as it goes into our body. First we need energy to digest it, the loss of water (food has water generally) are some basic factors that depend on the type of food and the individual. We burn energy all the time so in a way losing weight unless we consume energy adequately.

The pace of weight gain generally may be after a day but still for some people they relate it takes several days! It all depends on what we do in the time after the food intake and our state of health at time of intake. Someone with poor digestion will lose the expected weight gain soon with the following bowel movements as it is excreted.

Perhaps try to view over eating as a strain on the digestive system. For habitual binge eaters the consensus is probably immediate! Or definitely noticed on the scale within a week.

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