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Reduce stress and live longer

Are you always feeling stressed?


There are several ways that the effects of stress can be reduced, whether it be the the effects of stress from work, life, partners or illness.

Some forms of stress is good for us - if we feel a little worried about our next project, that may spur us on to make it a brilliant one. This type of worry is not the nail-biting, freaking out about it every minute of the day. It is basically about thinking how best to handle something so that it reflects in the best way possible for us. Thinking about it, deciding how it will be done, and once it has been completed, letting it go. Not worrying about it any more.



When a person is in a constant state of worry and fear about anything and everything, there is no positivity for them to anchor to, and they feel overwhelmed and stressed. Too much stress can lead to health problem being aggravated or leading to health problems starting in the first place (studies are now starting to prove this - stress can make us ill!).

Stress can only affect us adversely if we do not have strategies on how to deal with it effectively.

Some positive affirmation to think about:

There are many books on self-help available, which you can read. Good ones are by Louise L Hay and Shakti Gawain.



Some stress relief strategies to reduce stress are:

Last reviewed: 14 January 2007 || Last updated: 30 September 2007


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