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What Men Want in a Relationship
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Honest and loving communication

Too many women think that men only want a vapid airhead without an opinion of her own. Many women think that men may reject them for having any type of opinion and speaking their mind. Some women may even believe that men are too sensitive and that their ego cant bear the truth from a smart woman with an opinion.

Honesty is a major priority for men. They want a woman who is honest about what she thinks and feels. Men want a woman who is confident enough to ask for what she wants and needs in a relationship and from her partner. Men want a women who can be honest without being too brutal about it; a woman who can use a little tact when necessary. Men want a woman who can communicate with dignity and honour their relationship with honesty.

Great men want and need straightforward, courageous communication, but without anger or criticism, as it is a sure fire way for both to get defensive and have an undignified exchange. One way to attract a great man and build a satisfying relationship is to learn how to communicate your truth and needs effectively.


A partner who is secure and confident

Women seem to think that men may be turned off by a woman who is open about her needs and wants as they are afraid of appearing too needy or clingy and scaring the man off. Some women even think that men dont really want to spend too much time with them as part of a couple.

Men want a woman who wants to be with them because of who they are, not because they just happen to be there at the right time and place. Men need to be wanted and needed by their partner, but they need a partner who is secure and confident enough in themselves to be happy with or without a man. Men want a woman who does not desperately need him in her life - this is the surest way to scare off a man. Men want a woman who is independent and has a full, filfilling life of her own, with great friends and hobbies or interests. This is because most men do not want a symbiotic relationship with a completely dependent partner. Good men do want a woman who can make time for him in her busy life, so that they can have treasured, loving moments when they are together.

Good men do want the same as what women want - a partner who is complete, who is secure and confident and to whom a relationship is something that is not necessary for their happiness, but which is an added bonus. The best way to have a great relationship is to ensure your own life is happy and fulfilling, so that when you do find a good man, it is just the icing on the cake of your wonderful life.


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A partner who does not try to manipulate

Many women think that men want and can handle only a very small amount communication, so they may think that they only way to get their needs met is through manipulation. Many women think men really need to be reminded about their relationship on a constant basis through threats or promises and criticism. Some women even think the only way to get a man to do what they want is through either really subtle manipulation or over threats of abandoment.

Men will not tolerate manipulation of any kind for any significant length of time.

Men cannot read a woman's mind or try to interpret her signals. Men need more upfront and honest communication to understand and try to met their partner's needs. A man should not be forced to move ahead in a relationship until he is ready to do so, because this is a recipe for disaster later when he wonders why he is in the position he is in. Men do not want to be blamed for every single thing that may go wrong in a relationship - communication is the key to resolving conflict.

Men do not like game playing.

To attract a good man and build a great relationship with him, a woman needs to ask for what she wants and needs from him, to be open and upfront and let him know.


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A real relationship with a real woman

Many women think men just want to play the field and have a good time with as many women as possible, that they do not want a real relationship with a real woman. Many women seem to think most men want an unattainable version of women that they see on television (a supermodel or actress maybe) and they think that men would not consider a real woman with beauty, depth and character, who would be emotionally mature, loving and supportive.

Men want a partner who has courage and strength of character, someone who does not take herself (or life) too seriously. A real man wants a woman who is emotionally stable and who has a sense of personal responsibility who is happy with who she is, a woman who is part of a couple and who understands the dynamics of a good relationship.

To attract a good man, it means to be able to handle your emotions and take responsibility for your emotional experience and expression - not to blame it on someone else.


Commitment in a relationship

Many women think that all men want is sex without any type of emotional connection and that as soon as a man has had enough of a woman, or if he sees someone prettier, skinnier, smarter (any reason really) he will not hesitate in leaving the first woman. Many wome think men cannot be faithful and that they do not want to work on relationships, that they will leave as soon as any issues arise.

Men absolutely want commitment and fidelity in a serious relationship. Men do not want a woman who has a "roaming eye", they want a woman who can give total commitment to the relationship - in the same way that he is. Men want a woman who is willing to work on a relationship, to strengthen it so that if any tough times do occur, they can be more easily handled because the relationship is in a solid place to start with.

All men do not cheat. Just because some men may cheat, does not mean every man will do so.

Good men know that to have a great relationship, fidelity is a major part of that and they are willing to commit to a good woman in order to achieve a solid, secure relationship with their partner.


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A partner who will be supportive

Women think that men dont appreciate them in any way, that they do not value their support and love. Many women also think that men do not appreciate anything that is important to them and they will criticise a man for this lack of appreciation. Unfortunately, criticism is not an effective communication strategy and only leads to further negatve feelings, including resentment and anger on both sides.

Men need to have praise, appreciation and support from their woman, without which they may feel somewhat inadequate and insecure; they may even feel that their ego gets bruised. Men need acknowledgment and praise when they do something right, so that they know that they are a great guy who is very much loved, appreciated and supported by his very loving partner.

Men love their egos to be stroked, as it makes them feel more secure and happy - just make sure it is the truth and not a way to manipulate him.

The best way to let a man know that you love and appreciate what he has done, is just to tell him, as openly and honestly as you possibly can.


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Affection and attention

Many women think men do not like physical affection and attention outside the bedroom. Many women think that men will only show a woman some affection if it is going to lead to sex, otherwise they will not bother at all. Women think if they shown any affection to their partner, it will only lead to sex too, even when they just want a hug (or kiss) and nothing else.

Most men do like to be shown physical affection, love and attention from the woman they are with. Men like to hold hands and kiss women, to show their affection and be shown affection in a relationship. Men show affection when they feel close to a woman and it is not always because they want to have sex with the woman, it can also be because they feel a strong connection and need to give a physical display of their affection.

Men like and need intimacy just as much as women do. Not all affection will lead to sex. Sometimes a hug or kiss is just that and it certainly wont go further without a woman's consent.


Unconditional love

Women think that they cannot be themselves in front of a man, that he may reject her if she shows too much of herself. Many women think that if they show a man how much they love them, the man will get scared off and leave her. So many women think that the only way they can keep a man is to pretend to be that which she thinks he wants, so that he will want to keep her around him. And if she cant do that, some women think they should try to change the man into what she wants will work.

Men need unconditional love just as much as women do. There is absolutely no point in a woman pretending to be someone she is not, because the truth will come out at some stage and if a man feels that he has been lied to, he may then leave. It is much better to be honest and upfront at the start and show your wonderful self to your wonderful man who will accept you just as you are.

A good man does not want to change you, nor does he want to be changed. A man wants to be accepted just as he is, just as much as he is willing to accept you just as you are. There is always room for impovement, but it should only be because he wants to be the best man he can be for you, not because you are forcing him to change to suit you.


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Last reviewed: 5 December 2008 || Last updated: 15 June 2009


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