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Profile of an Emotionally Unavailable Man
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Identifying the emotionally unavailable man

There are a number a very easy ways to identify if a man is emotionally unavailable before you start dating him.

If you meet a man and he meets more than one of the following criteria, you need to think very hard about whether you want to pursue this man, as he may never be able to give you what you want (an emotionally commited relationship):


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An emotionally unavailable man will not change

A man who is emotionally unavailable man cannot be convinced to change. There is nothing you can do to make him change his behaviour and become the man you want (someone who can provide an possible emotional commitment to a long term relationships with you).

Many women make the mistake of thinking that they can convince their emotionally unavailable man to change. This is highly unlikely to happen and will only result in pain and disappointment. You cannot change anyone. A person will change their behaviour when they want to change it - there is very little you can do to make them change their behaviour.

Staying with an emotionally unavailable man is most likely wasted time spent being emotionally connected to someone who does not want to be emotionally connected to you. If someone does not want the same level of emotional commitment to a realtionship as you do, then you may need to rethink the relationship and whether or not it has a future.


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Emotionally unavailable men are commitment phobic

The emotionally unavailable man has a fear of commitment. An emotionally unavailable man, for a variety of reasons is not able to (or will not) commit to a single woman. He is not comfortable with commitment and will do just about anything to avoid it.

At the very base of emotionally unavailability is fear and low self esteem (irrespective of whether or not it is masked by surface arrogance, bravado or other emotions).

An emotionally unavailable man is not in touch with his feeling (they scare him too much) and so he cannot be in an emotionally commited relationship where feelings abound. He fears commitment and all the emotions and other entanglements that come along with it.


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Are you emotionally unavailable?

If you are with an emotionally unavailable man, it could be because subconsciously you want someone who is not emotionally available because you may not be really ready for a commited relationship yourself.

Yyou need to ask yourself the following questions to determine if this is the case, especially if you consistently find yourself in relationships with emotionally unavailable men:

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you continuously have relationships with emotionally unavailable men, you need to reassess the reason why you enter into such relationships and how you can make yourself feel better without being in one.


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Last reviewed: 9 April 2008|| Last updated: 15 June 2009


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