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How to Find and Attract the Man You Want
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The basics

When I was young, I was led to believe that to attract the man you want, you have to be demure, coy and a little mysterious. I also noticed that in fairy tale books you have to be a damsel-in-distress for that Prince Charming to appear. I thought to myself, well, I'll die alone then. I was a tomboy and definitely didn't fit into the mold of a demure, damsel-in-distress girl.

Fast-forward to a few years later and I'm a little wiser. You can't just be coy or mysterious to attract the man you want. Some changes (for the better) are needed and a little research will improve your chances of finding and attracting that man.

Here are a few steps to find and attract the man you want:


Love and accept yourself first

One of my closest friends is a little on the overweight side. Aside from that, she never seemed to outgrow those acne problems that hounded her as a teenager. You might think that she'll live the rest of her life in solitude. Wrong! Because she has come to terms early on that she won't be as beautiful as Jennifer Aniston, she has concentrated on what she's really good at, a woman who has brains and a very good sense of humor. To attract the man you want, you must come to terms with who you are. See your strong points and work on that. Oh, by the way, my friend got married to a wonderful man that has all the qualities she was looking for. If you love and respect yourself enough, it will show and you don't have to do anything to attract the man you want.


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Know what you want

So you've worked on yourself and it shows. Men gravitate towards you because they sense that there's something special about you. But how do you attract the man you want? Well, do you know what you want? One advice that I've read says to go crazy and dream big about the man you want. I say, not! You'll be living in a fantasy world and no one will be good enough for you. It's an impossibility to attract the man you want because you will never find him. I say, be realistic. Think about what you value in life and see if someone will be able to complement your personality.


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Location, location, location

To help you find and attract the man you want, you have to know where to look. If you're aiming for a family type man, you won't find him in a bar or speed dating events. Most often, men who are ready to settle down can be found at church. Joining a sports club, too, will open your doors to more prospects. I worked in the technical field and I was surrounded 24/7 by a lot of eligible men. I was fortunate enough to marry one. I don't mean for you to switch careers, but if you are not in the right environment to meet and attract the man you want, how else will you find him?


Know the subtle art of flirting

Flirting is not a brazen act but a graceful art especially on the woman's part. If you are shy, then subtle signals can help you attract the man you want. Sometimes, a smile across the room directed at him will spark something in him. A slight touch to his arm during a conversation might generate that electricity between you. A flip of your hair might be a sexy thing for him. To attract the man you want the trick is to be comfortable when you're flirting. You don't want to look awkward and blow that chance of a good and lasting impression especially if he has finally noticed you.

To find and attract the man you want entails a few challenges but when you overcome them, it allows you to reap great rewards towards your happiness.


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Article by Sue Young.

If you would like to know more about finding the right man and keeping him visit: Finding Love and Keeping It.

Sue Young has various interests in different fields such as relationships and how to make it work.

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Last reviewed: 9 April 2008|| Last updated: 15 June 2009


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