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Dealing with Emotinoally Unavailable Men
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The basics of emotionally unavailable men

The emotionally unavailable man is one who cannot (or will not) commit emotionally to any woman, no matter who she is.

The basics of the emotionally unavailable man are:


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Dealing with emotionally unavailable men

It is not right (or healthy for you) to think that you have what it takes to change him. If you are strongly attached to men who are emotionally unavailable, you are only setting yourself up for a great deal of pain and disappointment. This man cannot give you what you want in a relationship, especially if you want commitment, as he does not.

How do you deal with an emotionally unavailable man?

If your emotionally unavailable man tries to connect with you again, you need to be strong and make sure you let him know that if he cannot even try to work on giving you what you want, then there is very little point in getting back together.

Sometimes the distance will work in making some emotionally unavailable men into realising that maybe he needs to work on his issues and reconsidering the importance of the relationship and to get you back in his life.


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Let go of the emotionally unavailable man

An emotionally unavailable man will only make you unhappy if what you want is a commited relationship.

When you meet a man, ensure you know who he is and whether or not he can give you the type of relationship you want before you allow yourself to get emotionally invested in him or the relationship.

No matter what you do (or do not do), you cannot change him and by trying to do so, you are only going to cause yourself a great deal of heartache and pain, which you do not need.

If you want an emotionally commited relationship, steer clear of the emotionally unavailable man.


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Last reviewed: 9 April 2008|| Last updated: 15 June 2009


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